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The Book

I have always believed we will never achieve the American dream until we figure out how to get these people who are less privileged economically into the mainstream.

  • To illustrate his story, Morton Fleischer, Founder of Fleischer Scholars, wrote Building Your Mental Balance Sheet, a book written specifically for young students. Below is an excerpt from Building Your Mental Balance Sheet:

“It gradually dawned on me, and it is much clearer these many years later, that the pace of increasing knowledge and change is getting faster and faster with each passing year. The recorded history of man in the modern world is roughly 6,000 years, yet the first ideas of a nation state (as advocated by Thomas Hobbes) only began to appear in 1650. The evolving world as we know it really didn’t begin until the mid-1800s, with economic thinkers such as Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, who lived during the industrial revolution.

In relation to the recorded history of man, the world has moved at “light speed” since those times. For the students reading this book, the pace of increasing knowledge and change will move ever faster during your career. It is a critical skill (and asset for your Mental Balance Sheet) that you are able to adapt as the world around you changes.”

What People are Saying

Building Your Mental Balance Sheet

For a $20 or more donation to the Fleischer Foundation in support of the Fleischer Scholars Enrichment Program, you will receive a free copy of “Building Your Mental Balance Sheet”. Reading this book will put you on the road to improving your thought processes, building your own mental balance sheet, and may very well CHANGE YOUR LIFE.