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Graduate Debt-Free with StudentWallet

Graduate Debt-Free

In a perfect world, every student in America would graduate from college without an ounce of debt to their name. Receiving a higher education is significant for an individual’s occupational stability and satisfaction.

College also provides a critical experience that builds an individual’s character. What if there was a platform where students could seek out a scholarship that’s right for them? This is what inspired the creation of StudentWallet.

A Platform Created by Students, For Students

StudentWallet is a unique platform that includes a proprietary scholarship library. After students personalize their profile, they’re paired with scholarships and grants they’re most qualified for.

Besides providing a slew of opportunities for students, the platform offers a variety of benefits for students.

Endless Possibilities

Regardless of their current academic standing or financial situation, StudentWallet provides enough financial resources for everyone who wants to pursue a college education.

Limited Stress

StudentWallet includes features built to make the process of applying for scholarships less stressful and time consuming. With bank-level security, student’s personal information is protected.

Students can even personalize their dashboard by saving scholarships they’d like to check out at a later date.

A Personalized Experience

StudentWallet has an optimized algorithm that creates a list of a student’s primary scholarship choices. The algorithm is updated on a weekly basis.

One Click Away

Instead of spending hours surfing the web, reach any scholarship’s application page with just one click. It’s quick and easy to apply.

An Easier Application Process

Applying for scholarships is certainly exciting, but it can be overwhelming for some. StudentWallet makes the process a walk in the park.

The platform’s scholarship library supplies access to countless financial aid opportunities that can save students time and energy. Better yet, StudentWallet helps students graduate 100% debt-free.

StudentWallet was built to lead students on a path towards success, without having to fear a future filled with crippling debt.

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